The Fallen Tower

The Fallen Tower is the most popular tavern in Neverwinter. It looks like any other tavern you might find from the inside. Its dark lighting and low beamed ceilings are synonymous with many other establishments around the north lands. It’s distinction, and name, come from its exterior appearance.

At one time the tower was the home of a powerful mage named Llomnauvel. He studied the arts of magic hoping to one day take a position of leadership in the city. The Arcane Brotherhood learned of him and sent some of their wizards to destroy him. In the battle that ensued, Llomnauvel set many of his protection spells off and in the top level of his tower he set the entire structure on fire. The supports gave way and the top part of the tower crumbled. The half-crumbled tower has been remodeled into the Fallen Tower tavern. An addition was made to the place on its first level.

Patrons flock every night to the Fallen Tower tavern to see the phantom images of the Brotherhood mages, and Llomnauvel as they plummet through the ceiling and through the floor disappearing below. These harmless phantoms repeat every night at the same time; 8 o’clock. No one knows why, but the owner, Grosl Tallenwright, has done his best to turn a profit on the phantom images, going as far as blocking off the section where the images occur to allow patrons to sit around and see the spectacle.

The menu isn’t varied at the Fallen Tower. The food mainly consists of blood sausage and salty turtle soup, all prepared in an effort to influence patrons to drink more. The drink menu is one of the best in the north, however, with a wide range of ales, spirits, wines, whiskeys, and more all at a reasonable price.

The Fallen Tower

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