Eldreth Veluuthra

The Eldreth Veluuthra is an ancient secret organization of rogue elves. Their only known goals are the extinction and elimination of all humans and half-elves in Faerun. They see humans as vermin to be exterminated and half-elves as the ultimate abomination. The organization operates with remote cells throughout the realms. Their leadership hierarchy is virtually unknown even among the organization’s own members. Through this structure, they have been able to operate for many years. It is rumored that some of the most well thought of elves in the realms may have large roles in the financing and support of this organization.

The Eldreth Veluuthra (Victorious Blade of the People, also sometimes Eldreth Veluuthara), formed in 262 DR and still active as of 1374 DR, was a group of elves dedicated to the removal of all humans from Faerûn. Its main areas of activity were ancient elven forests, including the Ardeep Forest, the Border Forest, the Chondalwood, Cormanthor, the High Forest, the Moonwood, Neverwinter Woods and the Winterwood.


The organization saw humans as vermin. It maintained secretive methods while still benefitting from good funding. Some elves would openly encourage cooperation and friendship with humans while simultaneously supplying the Eldreth Veluuthra with weapons, supplies and money. Although outsiders might view the organization as evil, its members believe that they are doing good by ridding the world of humans and saving their fellow elves from human dangers.1

In general, elves who were not members of the Eldreth Veluuthra saw the organization as an unnecessary embarrassment. Its eradication is believed to have been prevented due to certain members of elven high society who remained in its favour.

The organization generally benefitted from relations with the centaurs, some fey and satyrs, although they were not above teaming up with evil races in order to fulfil a goal. Over the course of the organization’s history, the Harpers ruined their plans on numerous occasions, and the Eldreth Veluuthra delighted in ambushing Harpers as a result. They also targetted human rangers in general, since they were often the precursors to human encroachment in an area.

Some members opposed attacking human druids, since druids were aspiring to the elven ideal that the organization was trying hard to protect. They viewed half-elves as abominations and were committed to wiping them out along with humans. Some members favoured making peace with the drow although this was not a popular proposition. The organization was opposed to some traditional elven enemies such as beholders, evil dragons, gnolls, goblinoids and orcs.


The Eldreth Veluuthra solely worshiped the elven pantheon, although the pantheon’s good-aligned deities did not appreciate their being worshiped by the Eldreth Veluuthra, and as a result, there were no clerics in the organization. Members of the organization believed that they will one day be recognised by a deity in the elven pantheon, and the most likely candidate was Corellon Larethian.

Under instruction from the ice lich Lossarwyn, the organization was able to harness nature’s divine power, and this led to druids and rangers emerging.


The organization was cellular and leadership of each cell was decided upon by its members. If a leader could not be removed by diplomatic means, approval from the Vel’Nikeryma was sought to take further measures.

Cells each operated differently with different rules under their respective leaders, but few took a militaristic approach. Instead, members went about their daily lives, working or maintaining families, and took up duties when called for. Although there were a few adventuring companies, these did not last long due to the high casualties involved in such a cell style.

It was possible for established members of the Eldreth Veluuthra to request agent status with the Vel’Nikeryma, and take on duties anywhere in Faerûn. Agents would have to pass on the information they learned, and donate a portion of their treasure, to their superiors. They gained access to passwords, handshakes and symbols that could help identify them to other agents anywhere in Faerûn. An agent arriving in a cell’s area would gain access to their supplies and gain their shelter. Only if the agent requested a valuable item or stayed more than a tenday would the cell’s leader be justified in asking for a task or favour in return.


Only elves are permitted to join the Eldreth Veluuthra, which prohibits drow and half-elves from joining. Traditionally the sun elves have been the most numerous although as of 1374 DR, wild elf applicants have become more common. Moon elves are fairly numerous, and there are a few wood elves and sea elves.

The two main areas of recruitment for the organiztion are amongst the mature and wealthy, and amongst the young and poor, especially those that are also disillusioned. The young and poor make up the organization’s fighting force, while the wealthy are needed to spread the organization’s reputations and agendas amongst high society. The wild and green elves are the specialists in the organization.

In order to join the Eldreth Veluuthra, one must be observed for a time. Those who openly seek membership of the organization are treated with suspicion (due to a history of problems with the Harpers). Once the true agenda of a potential new recruit has been ascertained, through observation by normal and magical means, he or she is approached and invited to join. Most new recruits are family members, because the trust of a family helps to maintain the secrecy of the organization. Some non-family recruits are treated with suspicion and have a hard time settling in.

Once a member, an individual is bound by a vow of secrecy and a vow to punish any other member who breaks this vow. The vow is life-long and can never be broken.

Eldreth Veluuthra

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