Myrtha - Deceased

5'4" slender with brown hair and brown eyes.


Myrtha was traveling with a merchant company with her son on their way to Waterdeep. She was acting as a cook for the merchants and guards on their journey. She was brought out with Ogmar and Tomas to distract the party while the orcs setup an ambush against them along the High Road. Her son was still alive in the orc camp last she saw him.

Myrtha was kidnapped and murdered by the elf on the raid on the orc camp. While the party fought against the orcs, the elf took her dragging her into the woods. Looking to set up a trap for the party, he killed her and strung her body up leaving a note on her person. Davrun and Tymel discovered her body on the morning after the orc camp raid.


Myrtha - Deceased

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