Stanley Corwin

Priest of Torm


Thaco 20 footman’s mace/ staff
AC:6 studded leather and small shield


Stanley is a novice priest of the “True God” Torm. He hails from a some where in the South lands, but won’t say exactly where. He is a firm beliver in doing what is right and has a passion for duty and justice. Stanley stands about 6 ft tall generaly goes about in a hooded cloak, and can be seen w/ a large oaken staff and occasionly a footman’s mace. Stanley keeps a very neat appearance with a close shaved face, neatly shorne hair(dirty brownish/blond) that is almost but not quite fadish. When speaking Stanley sounds well cultivated and perhaps a bit more educated than your average priest, and he has a slight accent that is hard to place but from south of watersdeep most definatly. In manners and mannerism Stanley tends to some what formal and a bit reserved.

Stanley Corwin

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