Tymel Greyhammer

A cleric of Tyr from the Hall of Justice in Neverwinter


Tymel Greyhammer is a man of average size. He stands 6’0” or so with brown eyes and brown hair. He does, however, have a large scar which runs down the left side of his face along his cheek. He is typically clad in chain mail armor with a tunic with the holy symbol of Tyr on the front (set of scales). He carries a footman’s mace by his side and a shield on his back.

Tymel hails from Neverwinter. When he was a young man he joined the clergy at the Hall of Justice. He has recently been promoted to cleric within the temple and tasked with bringing the brigands to justice that have been terrorizing merchants traveling south of Neverwinter. He hopes to one day be made a Hand within the clergy.

Tymel Greyhammer

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