Forgotten Realms - The Northlands and Beyond

The Secret Plan Ruined with a Fall

Xilus stood vigil near the elf. Dried blood covered his face and one eye was partial shut from swelling. Xilus had kicked the elf until his foot was numb. Your lucky elf,Xilus thought, I was coming for you. Xilus shook his foot and adjusted his boot. The plan seemed straight forward enough; confirm the elf was inside the cave and then build a fire near the entrance to smoke him out. Xilus agreed to this plan…it would allow him to enter the cave alone. Even as Davrun and Tymel prepared the supplies that morning Xilus knew his friends were wasting their time. Xilus had made up his mind. He would enter the cave and find the elf and kill him. But Xilus was finally coming to realized that plans dont always work out. A simple pit trap had ruined everything. I should have brought a pole… Xilus lamented. Tymel and Davrun apprehend the elf while Xilus struggled to climb out of the hole. He had hoped the elf could put up some kind of struggle, but it was not to be. Xilus arrived to find the elf under the restraints of a spell. At that very moment it was over. As angry as he was at the events of the past weeks he still could not muster the courage to kill in cold blood. Now the elf would be returned to Conyberry and made to stand trial for what he had done.

Xilus spat upon the ground. Unless Xilus mused Unless he tried to flee… Xilus looked over at the elf again and smiled…


Unless he tried to flee. Now you’re talkin’. ;)

The Secret Plan Ruined with a Fall
robzidious Xilus

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