Forgotten Realms - The Northlands and Beyond

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Xilus knew it would be there, even as the door was opened. The grim look upon Flute’s face all but confirmed it. But Xilus had to look. And there upon a bed, tossed like a bag of trash was an old acquaintance…or what remained of him.

Xilus had returned from travels far away to find his father missing. Months of searching had lead him to Neverwinter before the trail ran cold. Now he stood back in his old village and couldnt figure how it all happened. This was not the way it was suppose to happen. How could such slaughter find a small village? How could one deranged elf cause all of this terror?

Xilus made his way outside and looked around. The snow was lightly fallen, the sun was disappearing, the world was silent. ‘Where do we go now?’ Xilus thought. Xilus knew where to go. The town hall was a haven for the small village. If there was any warning to the onslaught that occurred here, the villagers would be there…in the exact place Xilus didnt want to go…


robzidious Xilus

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