Forgotten Realms - The Northlands and Beyond

Rescue, Helm's Hold, and End to Chapter 1

Current Date: Hammer 8th, 1368 DR

Upon first light after the battle at the orc camp, Davrun and Tymel set off out of the camp to follow the trail of blood. They find Myrtha hanging from a tree, bloodied and beaten with a note attached which reads “I will kill them all if you follow me -e.v.” Angered, Davrun and Tymel cut her body down and roll her in blankets returning her to the camp.

Her son is horrified upon their return. He cries uncontrollably as Davrun tries to comfort him. Stanley and the other party members give the freed prisoners weapons to defend themselves and decide to head for Helm’s Hold just south of Neverwinter. The party and the freed prisoners leave the woods and repair the broken wagon on the High Road. They finally arrive at Helm’s Hold at dusk that evening. They are greeted by the clergy at Helm’s Hold and are given food and provisions. The orphaned boy is taken into the orphanage at Helm’s Hold.

While there, Xilus gives the note to a sage there. Xilus was able to detect traces of magic on the note and determined it must be held to the light of the moon to be read. After they did so, they noticed the symbol of a human skull with a blade through the head as a watermark on the note. The sage confirms that the elf must belong to a group known as the Eldreth Veluuthra, an ancient elven secret organization whose lone goal is to eliminate humans and half-elves from Toril.

Knowing that the map of Neverwinter is likely in this elf’s hands, the party decides to hunt him down and bring him to justice for his crimes. They reason that the best place to start is in the small human village of Conyberry just on the eastern outskirts of Neverwinter Wood. The village also happens to be the hometown of Xilus.

The party decides to take Dalos with them for fear that he would flee from punishment from Lord Nasher for losing the map and also because he can identify the original. Dalos agrees to accompany the group. Xilus, Tymel, Khan, Davrun, Flute, Stanley, and Dalos all get resupplied and head south. They cut through the Neverwinter Woods and at dusk of the next day arrive on the outskirts of Conyberry.

The village looked eerily quiet as they arrived. As Xilus approached he found a pole sticking from the ground with a human head attached with yet another note threatening to murder all of the villagers if they came any further.

Suddenly a pack of wolves came running from the village and attacked the party.


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