Forgotten Realms - The Northlands and Beyond

Chapter 2 Trouble in Conyberry

At dusk on Hammer 12th, the party found themselves back in Conyberry, this time with the rogue elf in tow to answer for his heinous crimes against the villagers. The young woman whom had been the elf’s prisoner, was given a room in the inn to recover.

Davrun, Rabe, and Bazhur stood by with the elf in the stables while the townspeople prepared a gallows to hang the murderer. Xilus attempted to organize a patrol of villagers to keep watch on the village in case the elf was not working alone. Tymel and Stanley assisted the villagers with the gallows after aiding in healing the young woman. Xilus sent one of the villagers, a young boy named Wyl, to keep watch on the young woman and to alert him if anything strange occurred.

Flute took it upon himself to go watch over the young girl as well. Upon arrival he found Wyl in the room and sent him with a message to pass on to his father. After some time, Bazhur walked into the room, and attempted to coax Flute to leave him alone with the girl. After Flute refused, Bazhur attacked the young girl in the bed, wounding her, and then turned on Flute. Flute tried to escape, but was attacked by Bazhur and mortally wounded. In fact, this was a doppleganger and not Bazhur at all. The doppleganger, who had actually been in the form of Dalos Ironwinter the entire time he had been with the party, then presumed to take the form of Flute, and tossed the real Flute’s body in a wardrobe closet in the room. The doppleganger then threw a chair out of the window along with a knife.

The party members, aside from Davrun who remained to watch over the elf, heard the sound of a window breaking and rushed to the inn to investigate. Upon entering the room, they found the girl in the bed, wounded by a blade to her side and unconscious, and the doppleganger now in the form of Flute. The doppleganger tells them that a man in black entered the room, stabbed the girl, and lept through the window and escaped. Bazhur, now outside of the inn, investigated the area but could find no tracks leading away from the building. He only found the chair and a bloody knife on the ground after which he came back to the front of the inn.

Xilus moved to the wardrobe closet, and the doppleganger attempted to stop him. Xilus pushed the doppleganger out of the way, and opened the closet to see the real Flute unconscious and mortally wounded. He immediately turned on the false Flute, who changed into his natural form as the doppleganger and lept from the window. Xilus fired a few shots from his bow, but missed. He lept out of the window and gave chase to the creature, who was slightly wounded from the fall from the window. Xilus managed to run down the creature, and kill him.

After doing so, Xilus returned to the village and asked the elder to account for everyone in the village to determine how the doppleganger infiltrated the area. After searching, the party realized that Dalos Ironwinter was missing and everyone else was accounted for.

Rabe was able to question the elf and found out that Dalos Ironwinter was a doppleganger. He revealed that the Arcane Brotherhood had hired this doppleganger to infiltrate the Neverwinter Nine in Neverwinter and procure a map of the city. Somehow, the doppleganger managed to do this by murdering and taking the form of Balar, one of the Nine. As Balar, the doppleganger approached the real Dalos Ironwinter in Neverwinter, and had him create a map of the city telling him it was for the Lord’s Alliance and was commisioned by Lord Nasher himself. Dalos agreed and created the map. He then met in secret in the harbor area with the doppleganger, who took the map, murdered the real Dalos, dumped his body in a sewer, and took his form. The doppleganger, now posing as Dalos, took the map along with a cart with some wares under the guise of a merchant’s caravan down the High Road south to Waterdeep.

The plan was, the doppleganger was supposed to meet the elf in a supposed ambush along the High Road. The elf was then to take the map, and give the doppleganger his payment. The Arcane Brotherhood, who had also hired the elf and was funding his activities, had other plans. They instructed the elf to kill the doppleganger after acquiring the map. It was along this time that the party discovered the orc camp and the elf’s prisoners in the Neverwinter Wood. They freed the doppleganger, who had retained his appearance as Dalos Ironwinter, along with the other prisoners. They managed to retrieve the map from the Orc Chief’s tent. In truth, the doppleganger knew the elf and the Arcane Brotherhood had double crossed him, and was biding his time looking for a way to escape the situation (preferably with the map himself as a bargaining chip for his life.)

The elf then proceeded to tell Rabe that the young girl was none other than Teylana Ironwinter, the daughter of the real Dalos Ironwinter, who had left on her own caravan not 3 days before the doppleganger. The elf raided her caravan, and once discovering her identity, decided to keep her hostage thinking she might be valuable to his Arcane Brotherhood contacts, and elven archmage named Televar Qlesseth from Luskan, whom he was to meet on Hammer 14th in the village of Longsaddle to deliver the map.

As the night went on, Bazhur took over watch of the elf for Davrun in the stables. During his watch, while Rabe was questioning the elf, Rabe shouted and held his arm, yelling in pain. As Bazhur turned, he saw 3 horses stampeding in front of him and ducked out of the way. Bazhur then noticed the elf was missing in the stables. Rabe ran to the inn, and Bazhur, noticing tracks leading to the back of the stable behind a hay bail, closed the stable doors and barred them shut. He then openly challenged the elf, whom he knew to be hiding in the stables with the tracks he saw. The elf stepped out and Bazhur tossed him his sword.

Rather than engage Bazhur, the elf instead attempted to jump over him and escape. Bazhur was able to land a critical hit to the elf, bringing him down. The elf, now lying in his own pool of blood, was dead. The others hearing the scuffle came running to find Bazhur wiping the blood from his hand axe, the dead elf lying on his face in the stables.

Tymel and Stanley managed to dress Flute’s wounds and bring him back to consciousness. The party agreed to return to Neverwinter on Hammer 14th giving Teylana and Flute time to heal from their wounds in effort to travel. The elder agreed to send two villagers to request assistance from Neverwinter, which Tymel promised would aid in rebuilding the town hall that was burned down, and provide them food and supplies for the winter, which were also lost in the fire.


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