Forgotten Realms - The Northlands and Beyond

Chapter 2 Into the Cave

On the early morning of Hammer 12th, Tymel, Xilus, Davrun, and Rabe went into the Neverwinter Wood where they found the small cave described by the boy in Conyberry tucked away near a stream in a draw in the forest. There was a smoldering fire by the entrance to the cave with a spit hanging over it indicating the elf had recently cooked and likely eaten in the early morning. There was one set of humanoid tracks leading into the cave.

The plan was for Xilus to enter the cave, and scout it out, being the only one in the group able to see in darkness. The others would then light a fire at the mouth of the cave using pitch to smoke the elf out where they would apprehend him.

Xilus entered the cave and walked down a long and narrow corridor. He came to a locked door to his right. The elf, or someone else, had reinforced the cave and added a door in the entrance to the side alcove. The door was locked, and Xilus moved on down the hallway. At the end of the hall, he found another door, this one unlocked. He slowly cracked it open and walked in the room, releasing a crossbow bolt trap. The bolt missed him and sailed against the wall. Xilus entered the room, which was stocked with barrels and crates all bearing marks from Neverwinter merchants. To his right, was a small hallway leading to another room. As he approached the hall, he could see into the other room, a figure knocked over a table and ducked out of sight.

Rather than signal back to the others, as was the plan, he instead entered the hallway hoping to catch the elf himself. In doing so, he fell into a disguised pit trap in the hallway. The others heard the crash of Xilus falling into the pit from their spot at the mouth of the cave. Tymel lit a torch, and ran in to help, with Davrun and Rabe behind. The elf leaped over the pit and entered into the room with the barrels and crates. He hid behind a barrel waiting for the others to come from the hall. Once they entered the room, Rabe spotted him behind the barrel and he tried to tumble out of the room. Tymel was able to cast a hold person spell on him and freeze him. The others bound him and Xilus climbed out of the pit.

As they subdued the elf, they heard the faint cries of a female in the other room. Tymel jumped over the pit and went into the room. He saw another door in the back of the room, and looking in, he saw a young female in a small alcove behind the door. She was malnourished and beaten, on the verge of death. Tymel took her into his arms, and seeing her in the shape, knew he had to get her back to the village fast.

Xilus suggested Tymel and Davrun take the girl back to the village immediately, while Rabe searched the rest of the cave for the map of Neverwinter, which the elf had stolen from Dalos Ironwinter. Tymel and Davrun reluctantly agreed to take the girl back, although they feared the elf might not be alive when they returned.

Indeed, Xilus had suggested they return to Conyberry with the girl in an effort to get himself alone with the elf. Once the paladin and cleric left, he proceeded to severely beat the elf in a flash of anger over the devastation he’d caused to his home village.

After the beating, Xilus composed himself and changed his mind about killing the murderer. Instead, he wanted all the villagers to see the elf hanged for his crimes. The elf would not reveal much, but he accused Xilus of having blood on his hands because the party would not drop their pursuit of him even though, as he said, his business was never with them at all.

While Xilus questioned the elf, Rabe searched the cave finding two chests full of coin in the room the elf had been occupying. He got the keys and proceeded down to the first locked door down the hallway. He opened the door revealing another small room, which was the elf’s living quarters. There was a cot, table, and a chest. Rabe was able to determine that the chest was trapped with a mechanical device.

Xilus and Rabe placed the elf on his knees in front of the chest, and threatened to open it, exposing him to the trap within, if he didn’t tell them how to disarm it. He told them how to disarm the chest, and they opened it revealing a small cylindrical container used for carrying documents and maps, which they did not open.

Meanwhile, Tymel and Davrun returned to Conyberry where they took the girl to the inn. In her half conscious state, she saw Dalos and muttered the word “father…” The village priest took her to a room in the inn, and proceeded to administer aid. Tymel and Davrun prepared a cart and horse in order to load up the stolen goods from the cave to return them to their owners in Neverwinter. Tymel spoke with the elder and had him begin preparing a gallows to hang the elf. They departed back to the cave, with Bazhur accompanying them.

They pulled the cart along the trail until they found the spot in the road beside the wood. Bazhur remained behind with the cart while Tymel and Davrun returned to the cave. They arrived, and loaded up the chests of coin, and the merchant wares and headed back to Conyberry with the elf in tow as a prisoner. Tymel was shocked that Xilus had not killed the elf.

They returned to the village at dusk and pulled the cart into the stables. They also kept the elf bound in the stables and Davrun kept watch on the prisoner.


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