Forgotten Realms - The Northlands and Beyond

Chapter 1: Night 1

On the first night of camp the party was attacked by a pack of wolves

Hammer 6th, 1368DR

After a long journey along the High Road, the party decided to camp for the night in a clearing. Xilus took up the first watch. While the party rested in their tents, Xilus heard strange sounds of large creatures just outside the camp. After moving to wake the others, three wolves jumped into camp and attacked the party. Xilus moved behind the cart and cast Sleep putting 2 of the 3 wolves down. Davrun shielded Xilus by the cart and threw his spear at the third. Stanley finished it off with a mace to the skull.

After the attack the party moved the dead wolf carcasses outside of camp. Something seemed odd about the encounter.


robzidious robzidious

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