Forgotten Realms - The Northlands and Beyond

Chapter 1: Day 2

On the afternoon of the second day, the party came across 3 people claiming to be travelers from Neverwinter. There cart had a broken wheel. When Xilus went ahead to speak to them, he noticed there were no fresh tracks leading from the cart to the road. As if the cart had been there for days already. As Xilus began interrogating the group, Davrun sensed evil from his position hiding in the back of the cart.

The party was then ambushed by a group of 5 orc warriors. The party managed to defeat the orcs. Xilus cast a sleep spell on the 3 humans while then focusing on the enemies. After the party defeated the orcs, they questioned the 3 humans further. The humans revealed themselves to be Ogmar, Tomas, and Myrtha. They were part of an earlier merchant caravan attacked by the orcs and taken prisoner. They reveal to the party that there is an orc camp half a day’s journey into the forest and that the orcs have other humans there taken captive that are still alive.

They reveal that one night an elf came into the camp and spoke with the orc chieftain. The next day the orcs grabbed the 3 of them to set up the party for an ambush or face their own death.

Myrtha reveals that her son is being held captive back at the orc camp. Tomas draws the party a map from memory of the camp. He and Ogmar agree to return to Neverwinter to get supplies and reinforcements from the Hall of Justice.


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